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Hiding Biden…

If you thought Joe Biden hid in his basement in 2020 wait till you don’t see him for the 2024 election Click Here for Story

Looking Guilty?

Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford says Biden should be receiving presidential  daily briefings.

Republican Senator Lankford is mad about being called out by Elon Musk for his Open Border Bill Click Here for Details

Senate panel to consider bill making governor, lawmakers eligible for FOIA

Bipartisan two-bill package from 2023 gets first hearing

The Climate Grifter?

John Kerry looking guilty of profiteering from the climate scam? Click Here for Story

Farmers Win in Europe

Protesting farmers in Europe have pushed the EU to back down on regulations that would devastate farmers and their operations Click Here for Story

Politicized Judges

Our legal system has been completely corrupted by partisan politics Click Here for Details

No Borders No Nation…

Policy Brief: How States Can Secure the Border | The Center for Renewing  America

The open border crisis will destroy the United States of America Click Here for Details

Senate Republicans Now Won’t Support the Phony Border Bill?

Heavy pressure from Trump and US voters seems to have temporarily stopped the seemingly open border bill from passing Click Here for Story

Has the EPA Also Been Politicized?

Did the EPA cover up toxic chemicals in East Palestine disaster to protect the Biden Admin? Click Here for Story

… And Yet America Does Nothing?

FBI Director says China has the ability to unleash a cyber hacking disaster on the US but our Congress and President have done nothing to protect us Click Here for Details

Making Illegal Entry Even Easier…

Border bill just makes it easier to get into the US Click Here for Story

Loss of a Patriot

Country Music star Toby Keith dies of cancer Click Here for Details

Hmmm… Sound Familiar Democrats??

Democrats are incensed that El Salvador election had a bunch of votes show up in the middle of the night? Click Here for Story

Jobs Report Sounds Fishy?

The numbers aren’t adding up at the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Click Here for Story

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