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Full Blown Cover Up

Garland’s corrupt Department of In-Justice decided against monitoring Biden’s lawyers search for more classified documents Click Here for Story

Are Biden Tax Returns Being Purged?

Congressman asks after classified document scandal widens? Click Here for Story And Here for More Info

What Exactly Was that FAA Black Out?

Since most conspiracies seem to come true Tucker ay be on to something with this one Click Here for Story

Stabenow maskless as she speaks to masked Ann Arbor students

Local Tuesday: 17-year-old students masked as 72-year-old senator goes unmasked during high school speech

ESG IS Bad News

Elon Musk slams ESG nonsense Click Here for Details

At Odds Already?

Schumer and McCarthy start off on bad footing? Click Here for Story

Davos Meeting

Liars and Doomsayers Click Here for Details

You Don’t Say?

Newest Covid variant affects the vaccinated easier than non-vaccinated? Click Here for Story

America’s Disgrace

Viral video shows a man wearing a 'Jesus Saves' T-Shirt being ordered to take off the clothing or leave by security guards at Mall of America on Jan 7th

Man wearing “Jesus Saves” T-shirt gets thrown out of mall Click Here for Details

U of M Intolerant

Anti-Israel group at University of Michigan want Israel destroyed Click Here for Story

Can’t Handle the Incoming Heat?

House of Representatives Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) at the US Capitol on January 12, 2023. (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Democrat minority leader warns GOP against revenge for all the heinous actions that the Democrats took over the last 4 years? Click Here for Story

Destroying Arizona

Illegitimately elected Katie Hobbs starts off with her woke destruction tour Click Here for Details

Wait…FAA is Now Worried About Vaxxed Pilots?

How airlines plan to create new generation of pilots at time of crisis

They forced pilots to get vaccinated now they’ve become a safety hazard? Click Here for Story

Stop the IRS Expansion

56% want the IRS expansion to stop Click Here for Story

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