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Granholm Putting US at Risk?

Energey Secretary Jennifer Granholm joins White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at Monday's press briefing, Jan. 23, 2023. (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

Why is our Energy Secretary criticizing the GOP Congress for trying to protect the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? Click Here for Story

Totally Tied to China

Its obvious that the Biden Think Tank is in bed with China Click Here for Story

Poking the Bear

Why is Western Europe and Joe Biden provoking an expansion of the Ukraine conflict? Click Here for Story

Michigan Healthy Climate plan: Build infrastructure for 2M electric vehicles by 2030

Less than 1% of vehicles sold in Michigan in 2020 were EVs. If Michigan builds charging infrastructure, will EVs come?

Biden’s Border Crisis

Biden policies are putting America at risk from this border invasion Click Here for Story

U.S. Census report for 2022 shows migration from Michigan

Michigan is a state people leave; right-to-work repeal could drive Michigan’s jobs and people elsewhere Read more

We Told You So?

Evidence that Jeffrey Epstein was indeed murdered in prison Click Here for Story and Video

Feds Pushing Profits for Big Pharma

Why is your Federal government still pushing for more vaccinations that aren’t working? Click Here for Story

Disturbing Trend

Government intel experts are moving into Big Tech, people need to be concerned Click Here for Story

Not In the Best Interest of US

Ford China join venture is not in the best interests of the country Click Here for Details

Poland May Not Wait?

Giving tanks to Ukraine is what Poland wants to do but they’re supposed to get German permission Click Here for Story

The UN Is NOT Our Friend

The US is the biggest funder of the UN so why do they support our enemies? Click Here for Details

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