The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday July 21, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Dirty FBI?

FBI played a huge role in plot to kidnap Governor of Michigan Click Here for Story

Do You See the Real China Now?

China threatens Japan and Taiwan Click Here for Details

Bezos Goes Second

Jeff Bezos becomes the 2nd billionaire to make it into space ? Click Here for Story

Liberal Nonprofit News Site Paints Unfair Picture Of Reading Retention Law

ProPublica fails to mention specific exemptions to being held back

Your Children At Risk

Woke school districts are trying to “remake” your children Click Here for Story

Democrat Covid Carriers

Pelosi staffers and White House staffers test positive for Covid Click Here for Details

NFL Goes Full Woke

Will play a “Black” National Anthem for the 2021 Season? Click Here for Story

Phony Fauci

Senator Rand Paul tears up Fauci over Wuhan Lab funding Click Here for Story

China Hides and Evades

Tells WHO it won’t cooperate on Covid investigation? Click Here for Details

Freedom of Choice

No Mandate for children getting vaccine Click Here for Story

China Hacking

4 Chinese nationals charged in hacking scheme Click Here for Details

Get Rid of Seditious Milley?

Was General Milley stirring up sedition against President Trump? Click Here for Story

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