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Side Show Circus

Highly partisan Jan 6th commission is a Democrat theatrical side show Click Here for Story

Your Vaccine IS Useless?

CDC says vaccinated people need to mask up Click Here for Details

Get Outraged America

Biden Admin pushing infections on the US Click Here for Details

Michigan Lawmaker Spent Campaign Funds Where????

What kind of political meeting is held at a strip club? Click Here for Details

NO To Federalizing Elections

Majority of voters have disdain for the Feds taking over elections from the states Click Here for Details

Vengeful Cheney

Elitist Liz Cheney vindictively wants to blame Trump for January 6th as Americans turn away from elite globalists like her Click Here for Story

Legionnaires’ Disease Spike Cited To Justify Extended Lockdowns, But They May Have Triggered It

Argument related to campaign to ban unlimited government by emergency order

Democrats Destroying US Cities

Its seems almost intentional as major US cities under Democrat control become crime ridden Click Here for Story

Iran Plans to Hack the West?

Why is current US policy helping Iran when they hate us and the world? Click Here for Details

Bye Bye Newsom?

California to require proof of Covid-19 vaccination or regular testing for  all state employees and health care workers - CNN

Recall of California Governor is gaining speed and strength Click Here for Story

New Name for RINOs

Pelosi gets bipartisan Capitol attack committee minus Jordan and Banks

Pelosi Republicans is the new moniker for never Trump fake Republicans like Cheney and Kinzinger Click Here for Story

Becoming the New Soviet State

Democrats and the Feds want to force Americans into vaccines at the same time they are forcing vaccinated people back into masks. What is the sense of the vaccine? Click Here for Details

Pelosi Responsible for Murder of Ashli Babbitt?

Nancy Pelosi Says That Mask-less Hair Appointment Was a “Setup” | Vanity  Fair

Ashli’s mother calls out the Speaker for her involvement in daughter’s death Click Here for Details

Biden’s Covid Hypocrisy

Biden White House wants Covid travel restrictions on international travel yet allows infected illegal immigrants full and unfettered access to spread Covid in the US Click Here for Story

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