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VP Harris condones harrassing those who don’t want vaccine Click Here for Details

Democrat Threats

Protesters arrested threatening the Senator Cruz residence Click Here for Details

Rather Rude

Far left and disgraced pseudo-journalist Dan Rather puts his two cents where it doesn’t belong Click Here for Details

CDC Data Suggests Stricter Lockdowns Didn’t Reduce COVID Deaths

Michigan had substantially more deaths than its neighbors despite more significant restrictions

Was Covid Just a Test Run?

Is China developing an even deadlier virus to unleash on the world next? Click Here for Details

The Screw the People Act?

A voter drop box in King County, Washington -- one of many that sprang up in the pandemic election of 2020. (Photo by JASON REDMOND/AFP via Getty Images)

Democrats trying to federalize elections is about grabbing power and cheating in elections Click Here for Details

Hurting Americans

Food prices skyrocket over Covid and Democrat energy policy? Click Here for Story

Biden Corruption Continues?

Another Biden Admin nominee has contact with Hunter Biden and Ukraine Click Here for Details

The Climate Scam

Just another fear scam designed to transfer money from taxpayers to special interests? Click Here for Details

Falling Short

Biden Admin won’t even meet its top agenda item goal Click Here for Story

Google IS a Monopoly

Attorney Generals explains his case against Google Click Here for Details

Anti CRT is Growing

More people are seeing the evil of Critical Race Theory Click Here for Story

Filibuster Hypocrisy

Sen. Sinema: Dems Hypocrites for Wanting to End Filibuster After Using It 327 Times Last Year

Even Democrat Senator Sinema sees and states the obvious hypocrisy of the Democrat party over the filibuster issue Click Here for Details

Trump Still Working for the People

While Kamala Harris and Joe Biden fiddle Donald Trump is heading to the border Click Here for Details

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