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Will Garland Be Caught in A Lie?


AG Merrick Garland denies dispatching Matthew Colangelo from DOJ to work on the New York State Trump Case Click Here for Details and Here for More Info

Too Little Too Late: Biden’s Border Executive Order Does Nothing…

Except bring in even more illegals Click Here for Story

Michigan Supreme Court rejects request to overrule canvassers’ action on $15 wage proposal

Court declines to override decision

Oddities in Big Pharma

Why were contracts in place before the “plandemic” ? Click Here for Story

Trump Is Not Racist…

Take it from a founding member of the Black Panthers Click Here for Story

Mexico’s New President Breaks the Machismo Mold

A Jewish woman is now the President of Mexico Click Here for Details

Summer of Disruption

Will the summer of 2024 have more violence? Click Here for Story

Weaponization of Justice

Is America no more with the Biden Democrat use of the legal system against political opponents Click Here for Details

The Lies of the Pandemic

Grilling Fauci shows how much the government, media and Big Pharma lied to make money and gain control of the people …and an election? Click Here for Story

Terrorists Love Our Brainwashed Youth

Terrorist organizations have found friendly on campus allies in America Click Here for Details

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