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America Losing the Rule of Law

Democrats have so corrupted our legal system that no one is now safe Click Here for Details

Trump Surging in Polls?

Is it because of the continuous politicized attacks on him by the Democrats and their corrupt DAs, DOJ and FBI? Click Here for Story

Biden Releasing Chinese Illegals Into the US

As if we needed anymore proof that Joe Biden is a pawn of the Chinese Communist Party? Click Here for Details

Biden signs bipartisan COVID origins bill

Congress presented a united front on the COVID-19 Origin Act, and Biden signed it into law

Turning the Tables on Bragg?

Maybe New York DA Bragg should be put in jail for abuse and misuse of his office in the Trump case? Click Here for Story

The CapCon Guide: How to be an effective citizen-advocate in Michigan

Things are changing fast in Michigan. Here’s how to make your mark on the stateRead more

Lying Lawyer

Michael Cohen is a brazen and “convicted” liar? Click Here for Details

Cut Medicare Fraud…

Stethoscope and money.

You wouldn’t have to cut Medicare if you removed the fraud Click Here for Story

Garbage In Garbage Out…

Is the Manhattan DA’s case against Trump based on the phony Robert Mueller Investigation? Click Here for Story

Iran Ready to Target Israel

Within 3 months Iran could have nukes to target Israel? Click Here for Details

Hush Money

Its common and not illegal? Click Here for Story

Biden Puts His Political Agenda Ahead of Common Sense Capitalism

Your investments should be prioritized for growth not for climate and social justice Click Here for Details

Zelensky Attacking Christianity?

What is up with Ukrainian President attacking churches in Ukraine? Click Here for Story

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