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8 Biden Scandals

Biden speaking to reporters

The Hunter Biden laptop is real and so are the scandals within it Click Here for Story

Can’t or Won’t Answer the Question?

SCOTUS nominee Jackson not being forthcoming with answers at hearing Click Here for Details

Biden’s New World Order?

Biden vocally supports what many Americans fear Click Here for Story

Flint Taxpayers Pay For Employees Doing Union Business, City Doesn’t Track How Much

The Lap Top From Hell Gets a Figurine??

Will the press finally cover the story of Biden corruption that’s been hidden for two years? Click Here for Story

The Vaxxed Are Being Infected?

Negative efficacy is showing up in seniors who have been vaccinated for Covid Click Here for Details

Disney Employees Support Child Grooming?

In another sick twist Disney employees seem to be supporting the sexual grooming of K to 3rd grade children? Click Here for Story

A Setback for Russia?

Ukraine claims it took back a suburb from Russian attack Click Here for Details

Soft On Sex Offenders?

SCOTUS nominee has a lot of explaining to do Click Here for Story

A Key Question

Would SCOTUS nominee protect your Constitutional Rights or restrict them in favor of the government? Click Here for Story

The Biden Economy

Stagflation is here thanks to Biden and his Democrat policies Click Here for Details

Turning Point for the Media

The mainstream media are no longer journalists they have become propagandists for the Democrat party Click Here for Story and Video

Just So Wrong

Democrat compares 52 year old crackhead Hunter Biden to Barron Trump? Click Here for Story

Not Covering a Story IS Censorship

When the Mainstream media continuously fails to report on bad news for the Democrats it is censorship Click Here for Details

Is Russia Ready to Negotiate

Israel says Russia is no longer demanding Zelenskyy’s removal or a demilitarization of Ukraine? Click Here for Story

Polling Looks Really Bad for Democrats

Destroying the country is not working out for Democrats as more and more Americans realize the Democrat policies are hurting them and their lifestyles Click Here for Story

Fire Fauci

Long overdue to be rid of Dr Fauci Click Here for Details

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