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Let The Court Packing Begin

Democrats will move on destroying the last vestige of the Republic Click Here for Story

Big Tech Controlling the White House

Its not just Facebook influencing elections Google paid White House staff? Click Here for Story

State Education Department Promotes Far-Left U.S. History

An anti-American polemic called ‘A Racial Justice Guide to Thanksgiving’ links to inaccurate claims

Complete Hypocrites

Joe Manchin and Democrats have the nerve to complain about treatment of Ketanji Jackson Brown by GOP after the tried to destroy Brett Kavanaugh?? Click Here for Story

Lying Joe

Biden is confronted over his recent gaffes and completely denies saying any of it Click Here for Story

Running Out of Steam?

Russian movement seems to be heading backward in Ukriane Click Here for Story

More Lies From the January 6th Committee

Contempt charges are baseless Click Here for Details

IRS Participating in Fraud

Is this just incompetence or is there corruption at the IRS? Click Here for Story

Its Not Just the Rich Getting Taxed

Biden and the Democrats are hurting all Americans with their tax and spend schemes Click Here for Details

Election Fraud

Another study points out the massive problems with the 2020 election Click Here for Story

Running Out of… Missiles?

Is Russia depleting its stockpile of munitions in Ukraine? Click Here for Details

Regime Change Needs to Happen…in the US?

The incompetent and possibly illegitimate US leadership is what needs to be changed to save the world? Click Here for Details

Marxism Doesn’t Belong in US Universities

Why are we teaching and pushing Marxist ideologies on our children and students Click Here for Story

The Progressive Prosecutors

Liberals are putting criminals back on the street to kill Americans Click Here for Story

Disney Groomers?

Wait…What? What is Disney programming for your kids? Click Here for Story

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