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Biden Sucks…And the Nation Knows It

Biden calls Trump a 'loser' as he ...

The Biden campaign is fighting a losing battle with their loser candidate Click Here for Story

Corrupt FBI and DOJ

The FBI and Department of Justice are going to censor Americans for the 2024 election Click Here for Details

Unemployment agency undercalculated penalties for fraud

Virtually no attempts to recover payments

Common Sense Sports Star

Kansas City Chief’s kicker touts God and patriotism at commencement speech Click Here for Story

Changing Support

Young Latino voters are actually turning away from Biden and the Democrats Click Here for Details

As union membership plummets, home help care spending in Michigan has skyrocketed

Ten years after SEIU scheme came to an end, spending is up 85%Read more

Finally? One Thing Biden Does That Makes Sense

Biden is takiing a page from the Trump playbook and putting Tariffs on Chinese EVs Click Here for Story

Hamas Sympathizers In The UN?

Terrorists at UNRWA in Rafah (IDF)

Or were UN workers being victimized by Hamas terrorist gunmen? Click Here for Details

Empty Rhetoric

Biden Admin tells Iran to stop sending weapons to the Houthis? Like Iran would listen to anything team Biden says Click Here for Story

Fraudulent Judge?

Looks like Judge Engoron could be in trouble of his own making Click Here for Details

The New Lows of Higher Education

Bringing DEI to universities is bringing college behavior to new lows Click Here for Story

The Biden Gun Grab

Biden Admin is attacking gun rights and gun manufacturers Click Here for Story

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