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Unsecured US Border

Wide open on the service and cartel tunnels beneath the southern border Click Here for Story

Questioning the Pillaging of America

Republican Senators want to know where American tax dollars are going in Ukraine, All Senators should be asking that Click Here for Story

Finland Feels the Pressure

Russia shuts off electricity to Finland over NATO plans? Click Here for Details

Good Teacher Not Rewarded By Contract She Helped Negotiate

This year’s winner worked against compensating instructors based on job performance Read more

Biden Economy

Record high gas prices shake US economy

historically high fuel prices Click Here for Details

Nailing a Phone Scammer

Scammer picked on the wrong elderly couple and gets caught Click Here for Story

Electric Vehicle Subsidy Would Provide Relief For The Rich

Bills aim to let Michigan taxpayers help wealthy drivers get into expensive electric cars

DC Court Has No Justice?

John Durham Files Motion to Keep Michael Sussmann Case Alive

Obama appointed judge oks Clinton donors on the Sussman jury Click Here for Details

Outing Twitter

Project Veritas does it again with a video that outs the censoring employees and management of Twitter Click Here for Story

Blinded Justice?

Why Do the Feds and State Authorities keep missing obvious red flags on mass shooters? Click Here for Story

Elon Knows…

Joe Biden is a shell of a President, somebody else is in control Click Here for Details

Painfully Obvious

Democrats are just plain bad for America and ALL Americans Click Here for Story


Mayorkas admits he DIDN'T know 'disinformation czar' called Hunter's laptop  Russian disinformation | Daily Mail Online

Senate Dems cancel testimony of the “Disinformation Czar” Click Here for Details

Democrats Like NO Choice in Schools

Biden Admin hates charter schools they want all kids in the public indoctrination camps Click Here for Story

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