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Un-Judge Like Behavior

Opinion | In Judge Juan Merchan, Trump ...

Is Judge Merchan losing it? Click Here for Story

The Government Wanted to Use What Against Trump?

USe of deadly force authorized in Mar-A-Lago raid? How far will our corrupt Federal government go to stop a candidate who promises to end the deep state? Click Here for Details

Endangering America to Gain Political Points

Joe Biden releases more gasoline from the already low nation’s emergency energy reserves just to lower prices and get more votes Click Here for Story

It’s hard to know if remote work saves taxpayer money

Reporting requirement implemented for 2023 not in current budget

Democrats Are Marxists

This isn’t your father’s Democrat party Click Here for Story

We’ve Poisoned Ourselves

Has the human race poisoned themselves with plastics? Click Here for Details

Still NO Crime Committed

The phony case against Trump has still not shown any crime committed by Donald Trump Click Here for Story

Did Egypt Sabotage A Ceasefire?

Reports say Egyptian intel changed the offer between Hamas and Israel Click Here for Details

Shanghaied in Ukraine

Press gangs are rounding up Ukrainian males to fight Russia on the frontlines Click Here for Story

The Dictator of Ukraine

A Zelensky Deepfake Was Quickly ...

President Zelensky should have ended his reign yesterday but he canceled elections and is still in power Click Here for Details

Most Corrupt State in the Nation?

You might think its New York but Arizona is setting its beer down Click Here for Story

Get Your Irish Up…

The People of Ireland have had enough of their government catering to migrants and ignoring them Click Here for Story

Shocking Abuse of the Judicial System

Alan Dershowitz says the “trial” Judge Merchan is running is an outrageous abuse of justice? Click Here for Story

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