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Long Overdue

Speaker McCarthy finally getting tough with corrupt FBI Director Wray after he refuses to produce documents Click Here for Story

Target’s Dirty Secret?

VP of Brand management belongs to groomer group? Click Here for Details

Michigan bill bans PFAS in food packaging

Senate Bill 327 would give companies until Jan. 1 to stop packaging food using PFAS

Destroying Girls Sports

Another male “transgender” takes championship in girls competition Click Here for Story

How to strike a healthy balance between parents and teachers

Collaboration, common goals are the path to positive relationships between a child’s parents and teachersRead more

Increasing Debt Load

Americans are getting deeper in credit card debt Click Here for Details

Did Ukraine Attack Moscow?

Drone attacks in Moscow allegedly an attack by Ukraine? Click Here for Story

Problems With Masking

Are wearing masks causing some still births? Click Here for Details

The Man Showcasing Britain’s Downfall

The British government is working against its people and its culture and one man is trying to expose it Click Here for Story

To the Moon…

Will China get to the moon before American astronauts return there? Click Here for Details

Persian Gulf Madness

Iran is seizing oil tankers will the US or the world do anything? Click Here for Story

The Diversity Myth…

Destroying history and culture in the name of diversity is just wrong and stupid Click Here for Details

Broke on the Holiday?

Bud Light remained on store shelves across the country while other brands were gone over the Memorial Day weekend.

Bud Light has a disastrous holiday weekend Click Here for Story

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