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Paying the Dead?

The Feds are really good at wasting taxpayer dollars Click Here for Details

The Climate Truth…

gas powered generating station

Humans haven’t broken the climate says an ex Obama official Click Here for Details

Cheney The Albatross

GOP worrying anti-Trumper Liz Cheney can’t do her job Click Here for Story

Former Gov. Granholm’s Clean Energy Promises Go National

New secretary of energy’s Michigan schemes were announced with fanfare but failed in silence

Soros Is Still a Nazi?

Its not just America in his political agenda he wants control of other countries too Click Here for Story

What’s Behind This Break Up?

What’s driving the Gates divorce? Click Here for Story

China Targeting Australia?

Could a war develop between Australia and China? Click Here for Story


Evidence shows the US election system is highly vulnerable Click Here for Details

Missing In Action

40+ days after being put in charge of the border crisis Kamala Harris is nowhere near it Click Here for Story

Importing Refugees

While American citizens suffer Biden wants to overwhelm the country with more refugees from dangerous parts of the globe Click Here for Details

Divide and Conquer

The strategy Democrats are using to destroy America Click Here for Story

Breaking The Educational Mold?

“Deplorable” professor wants to end indoctrination in education? Click Here for Story


Demonstrators hold "Black Lives Matter" signs as they march outside the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul on March 19.

The demands BLM is making on America...Click Here for Details

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