The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday May 8, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

Indefinitely Suspended

Jack Smith’s trial against Donald Trump has been suspended by Judge after he admitted tampering with evidence Click Here for Story

Rich Democrats Funding US Chaos

Once again there is proof the Democrats hate America and are behind the attempt to destroy it from within Click Here for Details

The Fall of Michigan

No longer at the top…of anything Michigan has become a shadow of its past in very short time Click Here for Story

The US State Department Lied to YOU

There is a deep state and they are lying to the American public about Covid and now there is proof Click Here for Story

Fani’s Fanny in the Hot Seat

DA Fani Willis gets more corrupt as the days go by Click Here for Story

You Are NOT Better Off Under Biden

Are you really better off? Get ready for the Biden reckoning

IF the elections are fair and honest there will be a big loss in store for Biden and the Democrats Click Here for Story

Why Are Some Republicans Still Pushing Money for Ukraine?

There is no accountability as to where funds are going, questionable spending in Ukraine and our own southern border is wide open yet some Senate Republicans are joining Democrats in wanting to continue with the open checkbook for Ukraine Click Here for Story

The De-Evolution of Our Best Schools

Our best schools in the US have devolved into woke disasters instead of educating to have the best and brightest students Click Here for Details

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