The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday November 11, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

What Is Michigan AG Dana Nessel Trying to Hide?

Trying to silence journalist over video proof of election fraud? Click Here for Story

Dirty Dogs Slink Away

DOJ crime chief who quit was involved in the IRS scandal Click Here for Story

Yes The States Control the Electors

State legislators have final say in what the electors will do Click Here for Story

McConnell in Charge

Mitch McConnell will lead Republicans in the Senate Click Here for Story

I See Dead People…Voting

Registering and then voting after death? Click Here for Story

Closing the Gap

Biden’s alleged lead dropping in Arizona as final 60k ballots are processed Click Here for Details

Election Fraud Evidence

Giuliani breaks down some of the evidence for fraud Click Here for Details

Unity? No, Its Too Late For That

Joe Biden needs to be treated the same way they treated Trump Click Here for Story

Outside Money

Democrats look to silicon valley and big tech to wind Georgia runoff election Click Here for Details

Obama Care Not Going Anywhere?

supreme court

SCOTUS may rule to keep Obamacare in place? Click Here for Details

Philly Fraud

A no entry list for Republican poll watchers by Democrats? Click Here for Story

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