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Indeed big corps trying to rule the world…and you Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Weak GOP

Michigan Republicans aren’t ready to fight for Michigan Senate seat? Click Here for Story

Record High?

US gun ownership hits record high Click Here for Story

Auditor: 97% of Michigan’s $18B in COVID spending was federal money

A single firm earned nearly $149M producing commercials

Destroying America’s Work Ethic

Why do Democrats want to further erode the work ethic of Americans? Click Here for Details

Flint business consultants get $500K from 2024 state budget

Comes on the heels of grants in 2019 and 2020Read more

EPA Goes All In for the Climate Scam

$ 2 billion in taxpayer grants up for grabs Click Here for Details

Drill Baby Drill

Its time to make America energy independent again Click Here for Story

Supporting Terrorism IS Terrorism

Those who support terrorists are just as guilty Click Here for Story

Another Democrat Anti-Semite

Rep Jerry Nadler shows his anti-Semitism Click Here for Details

Useless mRNA

It wasn’t the vaccines that stopped Covid Click Here for Story

A New Argentina?

Can the new President save his country? Click Here for Story

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