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America Last…Again

Your tax dollars are paying for benefits for illegals NOT fellow Americans Click Here for Story

The Next Amnesty

Now you know why Biden is leaving the border wide open for his new voters. Up to 30 million illegals could get Amnesty? Click Here for Details


Biden will put Kamala Harris in charge of garnering Latino support? Click Here for Story

Selective subsidies are a losing strategy for Michigan

Corporate welfare does not fuel high-growth states, and is not the answer for Michigan

Why Bother?

Why is Fox wasting time on a debate between third rate POTUS candidate DeSantis and Governor Newsom who isn’t even running? (allegedly) Click Here for Story

Why Monitor If Not Guilty of Something?

Why is Moderna monitoring the social media accounts of anti-vaccine celebrities? Click Here for Story

Expose Shady Air Force Personnel?

Congressman Matt Gaetz wants to know who in the Air Force told airmen not to attend conservative political rally Click Here for Story


Who Poisoned Ukraine Military Intelligence Head’s Wife? Click Here for Details

Stop Eating Meat??

And other nonsense from the elitist owned and CCP controlled UN Click Here for Story

Will We Get Anything New?

Hunter Biden will have to testify to Congress but who exactly is Lesley Wolfe? Click Here for Details

Can We Remove Ronna?

RNC Head Ronna McDaniel is a failure by any standard so what will it take for Republicans to get rid of her? Click Here for Story

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