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Latest National Election Results

Updating info continuous Click Here for Details

Election Illegality in Pennsylvania

Dems campaigning at polling locations and denying poll watchers entry Click Here for Story

Michigan Election Results

Click Here for Details

Not Just Michigan Restaurants Under Patron Contact Tracing Mandate

‘Barbering and cosmetology services, cinemas, sporting venues, amusement parks, arcades and bingo halls’

The Real Covid Data You Should Look At in Michigan

 Detroit Schools Get Clean Audit, No Findings of Concern

10 years ago, there were many Read more

Racist Maxine

Maxine Waters Says She Will “Never Ever Forgive” Black Americans That Vote for Trump

Maxine Waters shows how racist she is against blacks? Click Here for Details

Gavin Newsom Gets Slapped in Court

Judge rules against California Governor Click Here for Story

Democrat Violence

Its not Trump supporters causing violence, riots and looting Click Here for Story

Election Litigation

Most highly litigated election in US history enters final stage

Both sides gear up for post election lawsuits and challenges Click Here for Story

Vienna Terror

Pictures of the alleged attacker published by Bild

ISIS supporting Muslim responsible for murders and shootings in Austria Click Here for Story

2nd Amendment Threatened

Which is why Americans set a record in 202 for gun sales Click Here for Details

Cities Readying for Violence

LA County sheriff says violence won’t be tolerated Click Here for Details

Truth for the Young

POTUS looks to bring real US history and civics back to US education Click Here for Story

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