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Special Prosecutor Needed

Despite efforts by the media to cover it up the Hunter Biden emails reveal corruption so great it needs to be fully investigated Click Here for Details

Will We See Ghislaine Maxwell Testimony?

"Is Anybody There?" New York Premiere Cinemas 123, New York City April 6, 09 Credit: Globe / MediaPunch 2009 GHISLAINE MAXWELL K61500SMO /IPX

Court rules to unseal the testimony Click Here for Details

Give Parents the Choice

All children deserve the choice to move to better schools Click Here for Story

Free Market Cato Institute Gives Michigan Gov. Whitmer ‘F’ On Fiscal Policy

It Belongs to Hunter

No longer a doubt that the emails and laptop belong to Hunter Biden Click Here for Story

Remember That Promise About Fixing Roads? Michigan Is Spending Less On Them Under Whitmer

As a candidate in 2018, she called Michigan roads dangerous Read more

Americans Like ACB

Gallup Poll Shows That Judge Barrett's Favorability Breaks Records

Polling good for Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court Click Here for Details

The Google Monopoly

Justice Department charges Google with illegally maintaining search monopoly

DOJ moves against Google? Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

4G cell service …on the moon? Click Here for Story

Coordinating the Coverup ?

Then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, left, and CIA Director John Brennan on Capitol Hill in 2016. (Photo by Molly Riley/AFP via Getty Images)

Former bureaucrats possibly guilty of treason look to cover up Hunter Biden info Click Here for Story

Sanction Them

Secretary Pompeo says US could sanction any country making arms deals with Iran Click Here for Details

More Biden Ad Lies

Yet again ads from the Biden campaign are wholly untrue Click Here for Story

Outing Biden’s Racism

Voter calls Joe Biden out on his racist comments Click Here for Details and Video

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