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Yes You Can Change Your Vote

If new Biden information has changed your mind you still have time to change your vote in many states Click Here for Story

POTUS in Michigan

Thousands flock to see President Trump in Lansing Click Here for Details

Walls Work

In Arizona the wall is going up and it is helping Click Here for Story

‘As Serious As It’s Been,’ West Michigan’s Spectrum Health At 78.9% Bed Occupancy

Inappropriate Joe

Joe Biden lashes out at reporter over Hunter Biden question Click Here for Story

Whitmer Blames More Cases On Supreme Court Ruling, But Case Counts Up All Over

That ‘Michigan supremes did it’ narrative won’t flyRead more

The Next Democrat Scheme

Get ACB to recuse herself? Click Here for Story

Locking You Down Again

A Democrat win will not end well for America Click Here for Details

State Budget Recovers From Pandemic

Weak case for additional federal coronavirus reliefRead more

Big Vaccine Trial

Pfizer gets over 42,000 into latest vaccine trial Click Here for Story

Ignore the Media Scaremongers

Per the CDC Covid deaths are NOT at their highs Click Here for Story

Philadelphia Riots

Every time a criminal gets shot people now loot and riot? Click Here for Details

Biden: The China Candidate

Watch how Joe Biden is tied to the Chinese Click Here for Story and Video

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