The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday September 22, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Democrats Panic?

They’re are losing their ability to trick the American public ? Click Here for Story

Global Grifting

Joe Biden and the Future of the Americas

Joe Biden pushing the Climate Scam on a global scale to avoid attention to his failures Click Here for Details

Union Official Told Teachers Aides They’d All Get 5% Pay Hikes — They Won’t

Actual increases in St. Clair County district range from 2% to 5.1%

More Evidence in Arizona?

Maricopa County Supervisor admits the audit performed by voting machine company was pure bullshit Click Here for Story

China Joe

Biden shows he puts China ahead of the US ? Click Here for Details

Open Door

South Florida Haitian community criticize expulsion of migrants from Texas  border town

Biden Admin ready to flood the US with more refugees Click Here for Story

Yet Another Federal Failure

Dept of Education can’t stop hacking of student records? Click Here for Details

Not Competent

Half of America now realizes Joe Biden does not have his full faculties Click Here for Story

Failing California

Recall failure only shows more people are leaving California Click Here for Details

Can This Spine Stand?

McConnell Prompts Democrats to Renew Calls to End the Filibuster

McConnell says no Republicans will vote tot raise debt ceiling Click Here for Story

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