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Chinese Invasion?

US sees dramatic spike in Chinese nationals entering illegally

If you thought illegal immigration was just about south of the border neighbors looking for a better life think twice. Chinese illegals crossing into the US already total to the size of a small army inside the US Click Here for Story

New York IS A Bad Investment for Buiness

The corrupt and illegitimate court ruling against Trump should be a warning to all companies and businesses in the State of New York Click Here for Story

Good Riddance to Squad Member?

Rep Cori Bush may not get past her own primary ? Click Here for Details

Strange Blood Clots

More odd clots being found in dead bodies is it related to Covid Vaccines? Click Here for Story

After UAW strike, Ford promises equal and opposite reaction

2023 strike was a watershed moment, automaker says

Another SCOTUS Problem

Supreme Court seems to shy away from cases it should be taking? Click Here for Story

Dumbing Down America

Falling math scores are more than troubling in the US Click Here for Story

Putting China First…Again

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act helped China export batteries to the US Click Here for Story

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