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Lawless Democrats

Democrats won’t take up impeachment on Mayorkas despite overwhelming evidence Click Here for Story

Biden Paid for the Attack on Israel?

Biden slams Trump 'semi-fascist ...

Giving Iran money and not enforcing sanctions pays for Iran’s bad behavior on the international stage and Biden is completely responsible for it Click Here for Story

Tester’s Seat On the Line?

Jon Tester the 'Only Democrat Who Can ...

Will Wyoming Democrat Senator Tester ignore the impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas and risk the wrath of his voters? Click Here for Story

Michigan roads, bridges, on path to get worse over 10 years

Broken Promise? We’re fixing the roads, Gov. Whitmer says

National Guard Whistle Blowers

Was General Milley treasonous on January 6th? Click Here for Story

Why Does the Government Hate Raw Milk?

Because its too good for you? Click Here for Details

So Biden Now Wants to Copy Trump?

Raise tariffs on Chinese steel like Trump did? Click Here for Story

Finally Getting It?

Bill Barr now says he’ll vote for Trump after working so hard against him? Click Here for Details

The Normal Partisan Hack

Senate Majority Leader is doing all he can to protect Mayorkas from impeachment Click Here for Story

Cheap Shot…


Indicted Sen. Bob Menendez is ...

enator Bob Menendez poised to blame his wife for bribery charges? Click Here for Story

Just How Guilty IS Anthony Fauci and Our Government ?

Man who threatened to kill Anthony ...

Covid was manufactured the proof is there and now its just a matter of time before the proof of who is responsible is clear Click Here for Story and Here for More Info

So We CAN Sue the DOJ

Department of (In)Justice agrees to pay damages for failing in their duty Click Here for Story


24,000 Chinese nationals have crossed into the country illegally

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