Thursday April 2, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The WHO Can No Longer Be Trusted

World Health Organization protecting China cost the world thousands of lives Click Here for Details

Kudos to Kroger

Grocery chain gives another bonus to hard working employees Click Here for Story

Democrats Look to Impeach Over Corona Virus?

The next coup attempt is on Click Here for Details

State of Michigan Bans Day Care Providers From Giving Young Children Timeouts

‘This is not about children; it’s about increasing government control’

Hiding the Truth

US Intel now knows China is hiding real Corona Virus numbers Click Here for Story

Educators Step Up to Fill Distance Learning Gap

District, charter, private schools adapt while state officials wait

What Is Iran Up To?

Is a sneak attack on US forces in the works? Click Here for Details

Florida Goes Full Lockdown

Stay at Home order extends to the entire state Click Here for Story

Spending Spree

Democrats look at Corona Crisis to mount a spending spree?  Click Here for Details

Beware The Price of Pandemic

Giving up civil liberties could be more dangerous than the pandemic Click Here for Story

Remote Vote?

Democrats push vote by mail ? Click Here for Details


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