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Senator Graham talks with AG Barr on releasing FISA info Click Here for Details

Ann Arbor Michigan …

City of Anti-Semitism? Click Here for Story

71 Percent Of New School Employees Choose 401(k) Over Pension

Employees themselves now on the hook for pension underfunding

Lawmakers Shouldn’t Bend to Bad Road Funding Policy To Meet Arbitrary Road Deadline

Lack of consensus on road funding not a good reason to shut down the government

Ruled by the Coasts

AOC says Electoral College should be abolished because…Its racist? Click Here for Details

No More Catch and Release

Trump Admin institutes new rules Click Here for Details

Federal Government Stupidity

Set your Air Conditioning to 82 degrees? Click Here for Story

Denmark Not Happy?

  POTUS cancels visit to Denmark Click Here for Details

Hollywood Stretches Even Further Left

simpsonsSquad1 Celebrating anti-Semites and extremist liberals Click Here for Story

Understanding BDS

What so many don’t get Click Here for Details

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