Thursday August 30, 2018

Beans Begin to Spill

Bruce Ohr names DOJ and FBI complicit in Steel Dossier Click Here for Details

School Boards Routinely Violate Merit Pay Law

Obama offered states grants to innovate, merit pay was Granholm’s response

What Would it Mean to Unleash the MEDC?

Lawmakers should keep the state’s administrators on a tight leash

Crazy California

Calif. Democratic candidate for governor promises single payer for all legal and illegal residentsDemocrat Governor candidate promises single payer healthcare for illegals and legals Click Here for Story

McSally in AZ

GOP primary Senate race goes to McSally Click Here for Story

Dems Pick Corrupt Socialist in Florida?

Questions surround surprising Dem winner in Florida governor primary Click Here for Details

No More Freebies?

 Nikki Haley asks why the US financially supports those countries in the UN that oppose us? Click Here for Details

Revised Winning

2nd Quarter GDP revised…UP Click Here for Story




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