Thursday August 2, 2018


Could Trump actually get a union endorsement? Click Here for Story and Video

Michigan’s Credit Rating Upgraded, Agency Cites School Pension Reform

Teachers unions and public school establishment had claimed going to 401(k)s would hurt state

Tommy Freed

former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson at a PEGIDA rally in Cologne, Germany, 9 January 2016 (photo by Rachel Megawhat/Breitbart London)Journalist and activist Tommy Robinson out on bail in UK Click Here for Story

Socialist Insanity

Here’s the true cost of free healthcare for all Click Here for Story and Video

End The Debacle

POTUS calls for AG Sessions to end the phony Mueller investigation Click Here for Details and Video

Totally Racist

South Africa looks to legalize removal of White Farmers property Click Here for Story

FBI Abuse

Peter Strzok abused his authority to influence an election Click Here for Details and Video

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