Thursday December 13, 2018

?Democrat Wants What?

Image result for ted lieu Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu says he’s love to be able to control free speech?… or not? Click Here for Story and Video

When Will We Learn?

CherifFrench Terror attacker was Muslim extremist Click Here for Story

36 Months for Cohen

Jail time for Cohen but for what? Click Here for Details

Lame-Duck Legislator Calls For Penalties on Distributing Straws

‘I wanted to make a statement,’ says sponsor of a bill in the Michigan House

Moscow Mika Gets Really Inappropriate

Name calling reaches new low for MSNBC’s Mika Brezinski Click Here for Story and Video

Short Sighted?

Some Senators want to end support for Saudis Click Here for Details

Recession Coming

Political uncertainty has CFOs thinking timid? Click Here for Story

Refugee Scam

Caravaners asking for $50,000 each to go home Click Here for Details




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