Thursday December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Late Christmas Gift for Beer Lovers

Hop Cat will open in Ann Arbor on Valentine’s Day Click Here for Details

Appreciating Police

5 year old knows more about how to treat police than some adults around the nation Click Here for Story

Government as Santa

   By Joseph G. Lehman |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Why is it that most people eventually abandon the idea of Santa Claus … and yet so many never abandon belief in an omnipotent government? … more

Corporate Welfare for Hollywood Comes First

    By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Make no mistake about it, the state’s film subsidy program is nothing more than a government-sponsored luxury; a giveaway paid for with other people’s money and — as always — those other people are the taxpayers.  … more

Democratic Party Pays for its Failures

2014 bad year due to pursuing bad policies Click Here for Details

Worshipping Christmas

Iraqi Christians worship Christmas Mass despite dangers Click Here for Story

Typical Race Baiting Liberal

Fox Host Bolling Goes Off On Guest Accusing Fox News of Perpetuating Racism

ISIS Does Have Jordanian Pilot

Plane crashed was NOT shot down Click Here for Details

Afghanistan Will Turn Out Like Iraq?

As troops leave attacks increase Click Here for Story and Video

CDC Failure

  Scientists exposed to Ebola Click Here for Details

Putting the Blame Where it Belongs

clarke, sheriff  Sheriff says Obama, Holder and DeBlasio fuel hatred for police Click Here for Story

More Violence in Missouri?

Shooting of armed criminals gets people upset? Click Here for Details


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