Thursday December 26, 2013

Boxing Day

Ann Arbors New Years Eve

Includes a “Puck” Drop at Midnight Click Here for Details

Non-Citizens Caught Voting

    Will they be prosecuted by State of Michigan Click Here for Story

The Ghosts of Christmases Past

Haunted by public sector pensions

By Jack Spencer |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

At the beginning of the Dickens classic, “A Christmas Carol,” Ebenezer Scrooge wouldn’t give so much as a farthing to the poor. However, he also didn’t reach into the pockets of others and spend their money so irresponsibly that it risked putting them and their children in the poorhouse. … more

Iran Preps for More US Sanctions

  Iranian legislators may override brokered nuke agreement Click Here for Story

TSA Gets Battered on Website

Israeli security expert disses US’s TSA on airline security Click Here for Details

Congress Wants to  Play Hardball with China

China’s position on islands contested with Japan is not well taken by US congress Click Here for Story

Socialists Among Us

The failed theory of socialism lives on in liberal parts of the country Click Here for Details

Delivery  Overload

  UPS and other services are pushed to the limit Click Here for Story

Can’t Name the Enemy

   Egypt designates Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group while Obama Admin sits on its hands Click Here for Details

UN on the Wrong Side of Illegal Immigration

Image from   United Nations criticizes Britain for cracking down on illegal immigrants Click Here for Story



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