Thursday February 14, 2019

With El Chapo Guilty Can We….

El Chapo Guzman in CourtUse his money to build the wall? Click Here for Story

Bwahaha No Collusion

The left is rattled that their Russian hoax has been uncovered Click Here for Details

Ford Recalls

Announces 3 recalls Click Here for Details

State Employee Morale Drops As State Spending Rises

Gov. Whitmer is concerned

Michigan’s Democratic Governor Pushes Special Corporate Tax Break

There are more important priorities

America’s Most Corrupt Cities

See the top 5 Click Here for Details

What the Hell?

The Associated Press Democrat Senator Klobuchar says unemployment is TOO LOW so import more workers? Click Here for Story

Not to Be Trusted?

Former Intelligence officer indicted for spying Click Here for Details

Schultz Rips the Green Deal

Why Dems will lose to an Independent Click Here for Story

Its Being Built

POTUS wall is being built despite Democrat obstruction Click Here for Details

Going Backward is NOT an Option

Democrat policies are not a viable option Click Here for Story


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