Thursday February 27, 2017

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*** Happy Birthday Margaret Wellings! ***

Here Comes the Cold

  Sub zero wind chills Click Here for Details

School District, Union Working Together To Try To Ban Charter Schools

Prohibitive language written into union contract could violate state law

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The Clintondale Community Schools district agreed with its teachers union to prohibit creating charter schools within the district. However, that action could violate state law. … more

Lawmakers Move Away From Giving Land Banks Exclusive Privileges

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

As originally drafted, Senate Bill 640 would have specified that land banks could purchase delinquent and abandoned property before free market buyers had their chance at public auction. But changes to the bill would take away that exclusivity by providing more auction options. … more

GOP Will Fight Military Cuts

Not the time to let our guard down Click Here for Story

Brewer Vetos Bill

  Religious rights bill that would have allowed discrimination against gays gets vetoed Click Here for Details

Watch a Debate on Gary Peter’s Attempt to Stop Campaign Ad

Play Megyn Kelly’s Epic Takedown Below

Hiding It

   Clinton documents not being released Click Here for Details

No Tax Reform This Year

  Boehner has no plans for bringing vote in 2014? Click Here for Story

Russian Troops on Alert?

  Ukrainians worry about problems with Russia Click Here for Details

Constitutional Triumph

  Student vindicated on his free speech as College has to pay him Click Here for Story

The Emperor Cometh

Executive moves are destroying the Constitution Click Here for Details

Google Doesn’t Like FCC Control

Now even Google is worried about government interference? Click Here for Details

Obama Admin Helping Businesses Hire Illegals?

  Moves to ease penalties on businesses caught Click Here for Story

Still Lying?

  Wendy Davis bio still not factual no corrections made Click Here for Details

Obamacare Rebellion?

   Consumers not willing to deal with Obamacare Click Here for Story


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