Thursday February 28, 2019

Cohen Speaks

Testifies publicly to the House Click Here for Story

Dems Want to Track Your Guns

Democrats pass legislation that will require background checks for private gun sales Click Here for Story

Using Rainwater

Ann Arbor man turns roof runoff into highly drinkable water Click Here for Details

Bill Aims At Teen Vaping, Hits Adult Smokers

Sponsors say $1.50-per-pack cigarette tax hike would bring in more for schools and medical welfare

Don’t Confuse Cold Weather Snap for Climate Change

Swings in temperatures have always happened in Michigan

Sickening Liberals

Senior citizen attacked for wearing his MAGA hat Click Here for Story

Truth Hurts Cohen

Rep Meadows hits Cohen on his racists accusations Click Here for Details

House Votes to Stop Border Protection

Democrat controlled House of Representatives votes to stop President from securing the border Click Here for Story

Facebook Bias

Facebook aims to quell new storm over Russian efforts, lobbying Facebook using same code for unwanted content on conservative content Click Here for Details

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