Thursday July 16, 2015

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Ann Arbor Art Fair Guide

Where to go and what to see Click Here for Details

Gov. Granholm in 2009: ‘Movie Studio To Create 700 Jobs;’ Six Years Later – Nada

Wonderstruck Studios was highlighted by then Gov. Jennifer Granholm in 2009 as part of a new diversified economy that would bring 700 good paying jobs. Six years later, the project is missing in action. … more

National Group Gives Michigan a ‘D’ for Forfeiture Laws

The national grassroots group FreedomWorks, which has 6.9 million members and supports limited government, gives Michigan a “D” in a new report about civil asset forfeiture. … more

Enough is Enough

Will Baby Body Parts scandal end Federal funding of Planned Parenthood? Click Here for Details

Another Bad Teacher

Photo via Citizenship and Social Justice/Facebook  Let’s blame whites for all that is wrong with America Click Here for Story

What Will Senate Do on Iran Deal

Will GOP and Dems work together to snub Obama deal? Click Here for Story

Obama’s DHS Head Out of Touch with Steinle Case

How ignorant can one Secretary of Homeland security get? Click Here for Details

Obama Pushes Pass Congress and Straight to the UN

  Your power is gone Congress you should have put your foot down sooner? Click Here for Story

Media Ignores Abortion Body Parts Story

Planned ParenthoodDefends Palnned Parenthood by not covering story of aborted baby body parts for sale Click Here for Details

Immigration Wave

1.24 million more immigrants to come in this year, lost your job yet? Click Here for Story

How Dare You Question the Emperor?

Obama scolds reporter asking about Iran Deal Click Here for Details and Video

Student Loans

Good for Universities not good for students Click Here for Story


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