Thursday July 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Zach!

Sooner Than You Think

Football time is nearing and opening games at the U of M are set Click Here for Details

Northfield Meeting on Development

Highly active and attended Joint Planning Commission and Board to Trustees in Norhtfield Township Click Here for Archived Meeting Broadcast

Craft Brew Capitol

Livingston getting more craft brewery businesses Click Here for Story

Parental Choice is Bad?

State Board Prez Fights Parental Choice

A growing push back against charter schools

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The president of the Michigan State Board of Education said there are “detrimental effects” on education performance with a school marketplace where parents are left to decide. … more

MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report: Key Votes From 2013-14

By Jack McHugh | 7/16/2014

While the Legislature is adjourned for a primary election campaign break, the Roll Call Report is reviewing key votes of the 2013-2014 session. … more

Obama’s “Mission Accomplished”

    IRS targeting has left many Conservative donors afraid to donate to GOP Click Here for Story

Democrats Refuse to Fix Border Crisis

Wont change the law that’s causing the flood of illegals Click Here for Details

Completely Out of Touch

  Harry Reid says the border is secure as thousands of illegals pour across border Click Here for Details and Video

Obama Admin Hiding Facts

Admin officials are refusing to testify Click Here for Story

Not In My Backyard!

  Connecticut Liberals don’t want illegals and reject 2000? Click Here for Details

Sending the Wrong Message

palm aire resort   Feds will open $50 million dollar resort to house illegals Click Here for Story

And What About Our Own Homeless?

  Poor Americans suffer as government spends billions on illegal immigrants Click Here for Story

A Great Analogy on the Border Problem

Fences work Click Here for Editorial

They’re Back

    ISIS is using the chemical weapons they captured Click Here for Story

Liar in Chief

   Obama’s biggest tag line gets him 3 Pinocchios Click Here for Details



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