Thursday July 28, 2016

Ahh Those Pesky Voicemails

160727_wikileaks_dnc_getty_1160.jpg Wikileaks releases DNC voice mails Click Here for Details

Pass ME the Baton

Obama stumps for Hillary at convention yet can stop his vanity Click Here for Story and Video

Bill Clinton’s Speech Shows Hillary’s Conundrum

IS she a change maker or a steady status quo? Click Here for Story and Video

Most Educated Doesn’t Mean the Smartest?

Ann Arbor ranks as country’s most educated city Click Here for Details

We’re No. 1: Unemployment in Michigan Fell Faster Than Anywhere Else

  Michigan’s unemployment rate has dropped faster than any other state’s rate since the official end of the Great Recession in June 2009. … more

Counting Government Workers Tells Little About the Quality of Government

  A report stated Michigan has the lowest per-capita public employment. But it is not an indicator of much — neither cost, or quality, or even the government’s importance to residents. … more

All Baltimore Cops Cleared

No charges in Freddie Gray death Click Here for Story

To TPP or Not TPP?

 IS Clinton for or against the TPP now? Click Here for Details

French are Outraged

Police didn’t do their job with killers of Priest Click Here for Story and Video

160726_george_soros_gty_1160.jpg Anti_American George Soros backing Hillary Click Here for Details

What Happened to Haiti Money?

Clinton Foundation hasn’t helped Haiti? Click Here for Story

DNC’s Outrageous North Carolina Comments

Democrats Cheered Loss of Jobs in North Carolina? Click Here for Details

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