Thursday June 22, 2017

Terrorism in Flint Michigan

Muslim radical attacks airport police officer at Bishop International Airport in Flint Michigan Click Here for Story

The Waste of Investigating in DC

Corruption motive is nonsense Click Here for Details

Driverless Shuttles in Michigan

Electric shuttle to debut on U of M campus Click Here for Story

Michigan Wine Taxes Among the Highest in the Region

  Michigan’s wine taxes are lower than most states, but still the highest in the region.  … more


Trey Gowdy slams Democrats’ ‘baseless, reckless accusations’ against TrumpTrey Gowdy goes off on Democrats and their accusations Click Here for Story

Obamacare Repeal

Will GOP get it going now? Click Here for Details and video

The Resistance IS Futile

Karen Handel makes an early appearance to thank her supporters after the first returns come in during her election night party in the 6th District race with Jon Ossoff on Tuesday, June 20, 2017, in Atlanta. (Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)GOP 4 for 4 in special elections and mandates Trump Agenda Click Here for Story

Dems Blocking Witnesses

Rep. Adam Schiff  Investigations need truth but Democrats don’t want the truth Click Here for Details

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