Thursday June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Julia!

Can You Help?

Police need help identifying  deceased man Click Here for Story and Pic

Veteran Gets Honored

Grand Marshall of Brighton Parade Click Here for Details

Medicaid Now a ‘Reform-Proof’ Entitlement

Imposing ‘healthy behavior’ conditions on Social Security next?

By Jack McHugh | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The public implicitly understands the conceptual difference between “welfare” and “entitlement.” The 1996 welfare reform was all about separating these, and most people have no problem with requiring welfare beneficiaries to jump through those hoops.

In the public mind, Medicaid falls somewhere between. … more

State and Federal Regulations Burying Businesses

Michigan trying to cut back on some red tape

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Michigan had 18,012 administrative rules that businesses had to follow in 2012. Reducing regulations was a key goal of Gov. Rick Snyder and he created the Office of Regulatory Invention to reduce the state’s red-tape. The office trimmed state administrative rules by 1,218, down from 19,230. … more

Commentary: Corporate Welfare a Continual Failure

Time for government to focus on the basics

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

If there is one lesson from Detroit and the “lost decade” in Michigan, it is that flashy government projects do not make for sound public policy. Legislators should focus on the basics of government service and leave the rest to the private sector. … more

Big Win for Same Sex Marriage

SCOTUS  rules in favor for same sex marriage activists Click Here for Details

Obama Care Data Collection?

May well put NSA data collection to shame Click Here for Story and Video

ICE’s Crane Comes Out Against Rubio

The Immigration Bill does NOT end defacto Amnesty Click Here for Story

Scalia’s Dissent

SC Justice explains his dissenting opinion Click Here for Details

Obama’s Special Guest is OK With Killing Americans?

White House reception for Sheik who endorsed killing Americans in Iraq in 2004 Click Here for Story

Ahh the Safety of the Gunless Society?

Dozens killed WITHOUT guns in riots by Chinese Muslims Click Here for Details

Boehner Could Lose Leadership?

Conservatives threaten ouster over Immigration vote Click Here for Story

Could Uber-Liberal Anchor Go to Al Jazeera?

Soledad O’Brien in talks? Click Here for Details

Rubio Getting Beat Up

Immigration stand is costing Rubio big time Click Here for Details

Protecting Our Border Violates Whose Rights?

Mexico says if US secures border it violates human rights? Click Here for Story

Scarlet Letter for Gun Law Dodgers

Iowa will post gins for Buildings that don’t follow new carry concealed law Click Here for Story

The Terminal

Snowden stuck in Moscow Airport Terminal? Click Here for Details


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