Thursday June 29, 2017

Media Temper Tantrums

Is the Mainstream Media is having a nervous breakdown over being caught producing fake news Click Here for Story

Where’s Teacher Shortage School Districts Claim?

 For several years public school administrators and teacher unions assisted by voices in the mainstream media have promoted the idea that education reforms in recent years, plus low pay, has created a statewide teacher shortage. … more

Why Does Michigan License Painters?

  Michigan would join the vast majority of states in freeing prospective painters from needless government licensing requirements and fees if it passes proposed changes.  … more

Earthquake Swarm

Yellowstone getting active geologically Click Here for Story and Audio 

Trump Right on NATO

NATO pledges to up defense spending after Trump pressureNATO follows Trumps direction to increase spending Click Here for Details

Deep State Now Being Targeted

Elitists in the Intel community are now being caught up in their own corruption? Click Here for Story

What’s Being Hidden?

Podesta testifies behind closed doors Click Here for Story and Video

Even RINOs May Have Been Surveilled

  Senator Lindsey Graham can’t get answers to whether he was under surveillance Click Here for Details

No Welfare for Immigrants

Donald TrumpPublic agrees with Trump on not giving welfare to new immigrants Click Here for Story

Attacks in Venezuela

Who was behind the helicopter attack in Venezuela? Click Here for Details


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