Thursday March 27, 2014

 Local Kid…Super Fundraiser

Helping fellow students get lunches Click Here for Details

Michigan Paying $860 Million In Select Tax Incentives, Subsidies

Favored businesses get preferences’

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The state of Michigan is expected to pay $860 million for economic development credits and programs in fiscal year 2014 and most of that money is slated for politically favored business such as Hollywood’s movie industry, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury. … more

Commentary: Happy Birthday Norman Borlaug

Credited with saving 1 billion people

By Jarrett Skorup |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Norman Borlaug, who died in 2009, was an Iowa-born scientist who spent his life teaching new farming techniques in third world countries. His movement was eventually called the “Green Revolution.” … more

Changing the Law Again

   Obama moves deadline for Obamacare sign up Click Here for Details

Another Common Core Disaster

  Math teaching methods look dumber and dumber Click Here for Story

Boehner Blasts Obamacares Latest Change

  The law has become a joke Click Here for Details and Video

DeFacto Amnesty

Obama policies are basically ignoring the law and deportation Click Here for Story

Fox Dynasty?

  Rupert Murdoch’s son making moves in dad’s business Click Here for Details

Nothing to be Proud Of

   Pelosi getting award from Planned Parenthood Click Here for Story

Another Blow to Global Warming

   New report nixes the cost of “global warming” Click Here for Details


Osama Bin Laden son in law found guilty Click Here for Story

Not So Popular?

Obama speech gathers no applause? Click Here for Video

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