Thursday May 17, 2018

Mueller Can’t Indict?

Mueller team admitted they can’t indict the President Click Here for Story and Video

Media Against Israel

Why does a biased media inflame violence? Click Here for Story

Morel Season

Its time to go hunting Click Here for Details

‘Guerilla Journalism’ Outfit Stings Michigan Teachers Unions A Second Time

  Project Veritas, a controversial nonprofit known for journalistic sting operations performed under false pretenses, has released a second video this month exposing a Michigan teachers union official making embarrassing statements about union discussions and practices. … more

Broward Corruption

Judge rules that Broward Co. officials broke the law by destroying ballots in Wasserman Schultz raceBallots destroyed in Former DNC Chairs’ district Click Here for Story

On or Off?

Wait and see from the Trump Admin on North Korean summit Click Here for Details

Cooler Heads

Egypt warns Hamas to back off on Israel protests? Click Here for Story

But Always a Turkish Hothead

Turkish President pushes more violence against Israel Click Here for Details

Lazy Senate?

Senate Majority leader won’t cancel recess Click Here for Story

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