Thursday May 24, 2018

Guilty at The Top

Did Obama order spying on Trump Campaign? Click Here for Details

Detroit Charters Send More Graduates to College Than Peers Do

Detroit charter schools rightly merit attention for helping students improve on math and reading tests. But they deliver other benefits that take longer to emerge. … more

District’s Teachers Work 50+ Days Fewer Than Private Sector, Union Prez Gripes

Emily Tims is president of the Lake Shore Federation of Teachers Local 1465. Tims, who had a salary of $81,572 in 2016-17, recently wrote a letter for Teacher Appreciation Week. … more

Voting Out of District?

Candidate says displaced Puerto Ricans should not be voting in Florida Click Here for Story

GOP and Immigration

What is the Republican plan? Click Here for Details

Domestic Spy Game

Its looking like a weaponized intel community was used against Trump Click Here for Story

Yes They’re Animals

Father of slain girl says President is right to call MS 13 gang animals Click Here for Details

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