Thursday November 8, 2018


Image result for jeff sessions    AG Sessions asked to resign and does Click Here for Details

Still the Racist in Chief

Obama congratulates those who voted on appearance not character Click Here for Story

Michigan Goes Green

Recreational Marijuana passes Click Here for Story

Legislature Makes Strong Pro-Israel Statement, U-M Goes Other Way

Broad bipartisan majorities approved anti-boycott contracting law; U-M hosted Israel boycott conference

Farm Lobby Says 1 In 6 State Jobs Due To Ag; Economists Call ‘Manure’

Federal statistics classify 1.1 percent of Michigan jobs as farmers or farm workers

The Right Move?

Florida gives felons back their voting rights Click Here for Details

Mueller Time?

With the election done, expect Mueller to make his moveWith election over will Mueller issue report or keep wasting tax dollars through the Democrat House? Click Here for Details

Blue Wave Only Hits House

 GOP gets stronger Senate Click Here for Story


Harvard scientist question object moving through solar system Click Here for Story and Video

Fox News Goes Leftist?

Calling races for Democrats early leaves bad taste in viewers mouths? Click Here for Story


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