Thursday October 31, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Democrats Coaching Witnesses

Impeachment investigation is a complete farce Click Here for Details

Large Hospitals Want State Monopoly On New Cancer Treatment

And a state commission will give it to them unless legislature acts

Court Strikes Down AR-15 Ban

Pittsburgh attempt to ban AR-15s hits sang Click Here for Details

Epstein WAS Murdered

Autopsy reflects strangulation homicide not suicide? Click Here for Details

When Impeachment Isn’t Impeachment

Senate Majority Leader says House resolution isn’t cutting the muster Click Here for Story

Chile Cancels Summit

Protests prompt Chile to cancel upcoming international summit Click Here for Details

Democrats Push Communism

And the Media says nothing Click Here for Story

What is Barack Up To?

Obama blasts “woke” culture? Click Here for Details

Where Do Terrorists Hide?

You might be surprised Click Here for Story

Media Ignoring Corruption

Focusing on the wrong people in Ukraine story Click Here for Details

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