Thursday September 12, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Never Forget…Who Did 9/11

Rep Ilhan Omar gets ripped at memorial for 9/11 Click Here for Details

‘Right Now’: Timetable For Group’s ‘Stop Burning Fossil Fuels’ Demand

But 75% of Michigan homes are heated with gas, and renewables produce just 8% of electricity

Mislabeled Good Jobs for Michigan Program Would Be Added to the Business Subsidy Scorecard

Corporate handouts continue to be ineffective

A Good Sign

Both Congressional NC seats go Republican Click Here for Details

Sue the Fake News

Maddow and MSNBC get sued by OANN for reporting fake news Click Here for Story

The Takeaway

What to know about Bolton leaving the Trump Admin Click Here for Details

Wall Street Doesn’t Like Socialists

Elizabeth Warren will be bad for Wall Street and Main Street Click Here for Story and Video

Back to Work

6.6 million no longer on Food Stamps Click Here for Details

Bernie Hates Gays?

Candidate Bernie Sanders attends Muslim event with those who threaten the gay community? Click Here for Details

The Sickness of the Main Stream Media

World Trade Center Attacked 9/11 september 11 2001New York Times tries to protect Radical Islam from being at fault for 9/11? Click Here for Story

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