Tuesday April 8, 2014

Bishop Picks Up Big Endorsement

  Outgoing Congressman Mike Rogers endorses Mike Bishop Click Here for Story

Soccer at the Big House

  Record crowds for Manchester vs Real Madrid Soccer match Click Here for Details

Cities Increase Fees, Spend More While Complaining About State Shared Revenue

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Fire inspection fees in Ann Arbor have increased 590 percent since 2003, and inspections are happening more often now. City officials say that’s due in part to city ordinance requirements. But it also likely is happening to make up for optional state shared revenue the city is not getting. … more

Commentary: Corporate Welfare for New Red Wings Arena Won’t Spur Economic Development

By Christopher C. Douglas, Ph.D. | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The idea that the proposed new Red Wings arena will revitalize midtown Detroit is the reason given for the $260 million in corporate welfare that will help finance the project. The idea that a new sports arena will spur economic development, however, lacks credibility. … more

The Political Cost of Obamacare

Obamacare supporter Louisiana Senator Landrieu’s opponent raising big money Click Here for Details

Acclaim for Cruz

  Harvard Professor calls Ted Cruz brilliant Click Here for Story

GOP Looks to Keep Internet Control in US

Obama and the Dems look to give it away Click Here for Details

Sharia Brainwashing?

Mohammed Zabar of Small Heath in Birmingham  UK school is forcing students into Muslim lifestyle? Click Here for Story

Putin Instigating Pro Russian Violence in Ukraine?

Protests seem to have Russian roots Click Here for Details

Economic Retardation

  Dems keep pushing minimum wage hike for growth Click Here for Story

More Than Our Fair Share

Americans pay more in taxes than food, clothing and housing combined Click Here for Details

Thanks Rob!

  Hollywood heavy agrees big government is bad Click Here for Story



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