Tuesday August 27, 2013

Prison Release

Livingston release 28 inmates due to over crowding Click Here for Details

Fracking Concerns Overblown; RIsks Exist With All Energy Extraction


Part two: The debate over emissions and risk

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

The popular fears about fracking tend to be overblown or based on ignorance about what can seem like a confusing process. But there are legitimate debates among experts about ongoing or potential harms. … more

Detroit Dishes Out Excessive Taxes, Fees to Business Owners

City licensing and inspection fees among the highest measured; $400 for an awning

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

“It’s just crazy. They just keep taxing and licensing us to death to bring in income,” said Janet Sossi Belcoure, owner of the Roma Café in the Eastern Market. Detroit far outpaces surrounding communities and New York City when comparing some common fees. … more

No Pipeline No Jobs

  Obama delays thousands of jobs to please his green base Click Here for Details

Hitting the Debt Ceiling…. Again

Mid-October will be the new debt ceiling limit Click Here for Story

What Dems Are Thinking About Obamacare

They want to stop it too? Click Here for Details

How Not to be Deported

Just have kids here in America, Obama won’t enforce immigration laws Click Here for Story

US on Verge of Syrian Interdiction?

Kerry goes hardcore on alleged Syrian use of Chemical Weapons Click Here for Details

Bypassing Congress

Obama looks to push climate change past Congress Click Here for Story

Playing Games With US Debt

Treasury Dept has frozen debt increases but how? Click Here for Details





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