Tuesday December 11, 2018

Dems Will Do Nothing But an Anti-Trump Agenda

Two years of Obstruction and worthless investigations Click Here for Story

Permits To Cut Your Own Trees? Fast-Moving Bill Says ‘Not Anymore’

Local governments could not ban tree removal on private, non-residential property

Bullying is a Huge Problem – School Choice is Helping Solve It

Bold action is needed to give families more options

Poster Child for Stupid Democrats

Ocasio-Cortez dishes more stupid comments Click Here for Details

Ski Season in the Midwest

Mt. Brighton opens for 2018/2019 season Click Here for Story

Betting on a Beto

Texas Senate loser O’Rourke may be Dems best bet for 2020? Click Here for Story

No Brexit Deal

Theresa May pulls deal to look for new negotiation Click Here for Details

UN Is A Danger to Western Nations

  Promoting unbridled immigration will destroy western nations and cultures Click Here for Story

Collusion Fail?

Democrats Now Want Impeachment for sex payoff? Click Here for Details

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